GhostRaum is a laboratory

GhostRaum is a blank canvas

GhostRaum is a space for transformation

GhostRaum is a room where we welcome ghosts and light beings

GhostRaum is our vessel to the new world


Founded by Matthieu Schmit in 2017, GhostRaum is a versatile production studio located in Berlin. GhostRaum defines itself as a collective of creative practitioners combining skills and sensibilities for the exploration of technologies through immersive art and sensory experiences.


Our intuition is to uncover new realities where compassion and sustainability leave behind ownership and competition. Awareness and education are integral to transitioning into this new paradigm, while collaborative and cross-field research allow us to communicate our vision and values.
We see the development of a new reality as a call for play and expansion. We view science, art, and healing as deeply connected. There is no end to exploration, and everything makes sense when a project meets an audience, in the right space, and for the right purpose.


Interactivity and Collective Experience - Perception and Feedback Systems - Frequencies and Resonance - Energy Fields - Visualisation - Land, Spaces, and Rooms - Education


Am Flutgraben 2 - 12435, Berlin